“Hit's boxing class is so much fun, I am able to learn so much about proper punching and form while getting the best work out of my life. They mix in functional training with the boxing so that you get your complete workout. I feel amazing every time the class is done and always look forward to the next one.”


“Hit 180 offers different classes and I've tried so many of them. The Circuit class is always my favorite. There are so many different functional exercises that we do, I never get bored. Such friendly trainers who care about your goals.”


“I am currently in the pure strength class with Hit 180 and I must say I have gotten so much stronger. My body looks tighter and I feel strong even when I'm not at the gym. It's a great feeling and I wouldn't have been able to do it without Hit 180.”


“I signed up with Hit 180 for small group training and I must say their motto of 3 people to a group works out so well. Kevin is my trainer and with 3 of us in the group he is able to watch us at all times and pay attention to our form and movements. He also is quick to jump in and correct what we are doing wrong and always makes every workout challenging and fun.”


“I have taken multiple Hit 180 classes (20,20,20 and legs & butt) and I must say these are the best classes that I've ever had. Veronika is a great trainer that knows exactly how to push me. She is in wonderful shape herself and obviously knows what she is doing. The workouts vary from time to time so there always are new exercises that we are doing and it never gets boring.”


"Meeting with George on a regular basis makes the most out of my limited time and I saw results quickly – weight loss, stronger core, better body mechanics and more energy. Working with George is the best investment I have made for myself."


"I’m extremely happy with the results that I’ve gotten from working with George. He made it easy, all I had to do was show up for the workouts and follow his diet suggestions. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for fitness guidance or help taking their training to the next level."


"I’ve been training with George for about 6 months now, and have noticed much greater strength and flexibility. George evaluated my strengths and weakness at the on set of our training sessions and has focused my exercises around them. I can always count on George to be timely and dependable."


"I have been working with George for 5 months, and each month I have set goals and met them. George applies a balanced approach that enables me to focus on general fitness and sports specific goals at the same time (soccer). Highly recommend working with him if you are serious about improving your health."


“I always look forward to my training sessions with George. He has always been very professional in every conceivable way: his knowledge, punctuality, attention to detail, and his ability to develop my weak areas."


“George has been training my 12 year old son for awhile now. My son is a soccer player and I felt that he could benefit from some speed and agility training. Needless to say, it has been the best thing for my son both physically AND mentally. My son and I are very thankful that we chose George.


“George is Great! Prior to meeting George, I did cardio exercise ~4 days a week but I wasn’t losing weight. With George, I lost weight and started to build muscle definition that I never thought I could do. I highly recommend training with George.”