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Personal Fitness Training

Do you need some help kick-starting your way into better shape? Hit 180 Fitness is the solution for anyone looking for personal fitness training in the North Shore. Our team of trainers have developed one of the best reputations in the North Shore, offering over a decade of experience in personal training and sports nutrition.

By working with you to create a customized workout regimen and nutrition plan, our personal trainers will help you reach your goals quickly and efficiently, helping you look and feel healthier than ever.

Why Participate in Personal Fitness Training?

It’s easy to become discouraged and lose sight of your goals without proper guidance and motivation, but with a personal fitness instructor there to coach you, you’ll be on-track to a stronger, healthier you.

Personal fitness also builds a solid foundation for a regular workout routine. Regular exercise is more than losing weight and building toned muscles. A healthier body has long-term benefits, including:

  • Lower stress levels
  • Increased energy
  • Reduced risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and even certain forms of cancer

Exercise also improves your self-confidence, which can lead to a more positive outlook on life. With the help of an experienced personal fitness trainer, you can achieve all of these things and learn the best ways for you to maintain a healthy lifestyle through exercise and nutrition. 

Who Benefits the Most from Personal Fitness Training?

If you play sports competitively, you may be looking for ways to gain an advantage over opponents. The personal fitness trainers at Hit 180 can help you build your strength, stamina, and coordination in any sport to give you the edge in competition.

Everyone can benefit from personal fitness training. Even if you’re not training for a sport, personal fitness can help you with your overall health by providing consistent motivation, helping you define your goals, and keeping you accountable. If you’re feeling bored with your workout or just not seeing the results you want, personal fitness training may be the solution you need. 

About Hit 180 Fitness

Led by premier fitness instructor George Solomos, the Hit 180 team offers professionalism, fun workouts, and a positive, caring atmosphere to give you the results you want. We’re committed to helping you achieve your personal health goals through a unique, personalized approach to nutrition and exercise. Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, or just feel great, Hit 180 Fitness can custom tailor a diet plan and exercise routine unique to you and your personal needs.

All our clients can take advantage of boxing training, structured TRX programs, and other modern workouts along with state of the art equipment. The locations we select ensure a comfortable and supportive environment to sweat it out and improve your health.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please don’t hesitate to fill out our contact form. Contact us now to schedule an appointment for your first personal training session today.