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Fitness Training for Kids

Getting kids to exercise regularly can be a big challenge, but at Hit 180 Fitness, we can make working out as fun and exciting as video games and playing with friends. Our team of personal fitness trainers offers the skills, experience, and expertise to deliver on the nutritional and physical development needs of kids.

Through our personalized fitness training for kids in the North Shore and Chicago area, your kids can become healthier and more educated in proper form and technique to prevent injuries and build healthy habits for everyday living.

Adults can be intimidating to kids, which is why we promise complete comfort and convenience for you and your kids. You can work with Hit 180 Fitness in a gym or we can come to you and work out at your home or in the backyard. Our goal is to make the process fun, energizing, and welcoming for you and your child.

Why Should Kids Take Fitness Training?

Whether your child needs some motivation to exercise or is already an eager athlete, personal training offers a wide range of benefits. Studies show that kids who live an active lifestyle with a healthy diet will:

  • Reduce their risk of diabetes, heart disease, and other health deficiencies in adulthood
  • Lower overall blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels
  • Have higher self-confidence and a better outlook on life

Exercising consistently is the key, just as it is with adults. On an average day, kids should have about an hour of physical activity, which can broken up into 15-minute sets.

Fitness training for kids also takes into account special nutritional and physical development attributes. With our routines and guidance, kids learn about proper form, how to prevent injury, and how to maintain a fun, positive attitude.

Kids fitness training with Hit 180 also offers a wide range of activities, including

  • Stretching
  • Obstacle courses
  • Basic calisthenics
  • Simple cardio exercises

We can change your kids’ workouts over time to accommodate their growth and increased fitness. If they have taken up track, baseball, basketball, or other athletics, the Hit 180 team can cater workouts to help them with3 their points of interest.

Who is it Best For?

Personal training is great for kids who are at least age 10, though feel free to contact us if you think your child may enjoy a personal training session. Fitness training is especially beneficial to kids and teens who:

  • Want sport specific training
  • Need guidance for basic exercise
  • Dislike or aren’t comfortable with organized sports or group fitness

About Hit 180 Fitness

At Hit 180 Fitness, our goal is to help you and your kids get fit and feel healthy. Our personal trainers are experienced and knowledgeable in fitness training, nutrition, and development to help your kids even when they’re not in the gym.

We know that working out in front of others can make kids and teens nervous or self-conscious. We offer flexibility in locations for personal trainers and their clients to create a private space that is supportive, positive and fun.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to fill out our convenient contact form or give us a call at 224-216-2086. Not sure if personal training is right for your child? No worries! You can schedule a free personal training session to find out whether it’s something you and your child are interested in. Call to schedule an appointment today!