Personal Trainer Near Me – Glenview

True fitness requires growth—which is why we’ve expanded our reach.


We’re proud to welcome you to Hit 180 Fitness, located just outside of Glenview!


The key to Hit180 Fitness’ explosive growth and success is simple: We combine personal tailored fitness techniques with highly skilled and certified personable personal trainers. So with Hit 180 it’s easier than ever to find the perfect personal trainer that fits your needs and goals.


Want the camaraderie of a group but with a little more focus? The HIT 180’s Small Group Sessions are ideal fun environments for growth. Want a more personal touch? Hit180 Fitness 1-on-1 Sessions led by an elite Hit 180 Fitness trainer will produce serious results. Want 1-on-1 with more flexibility? HIT 180 are leaders in In-Home Training sessions.


No matter what your personal goals are, Hit180 helps you reach your fitness goals both short term and long-term with elite fitness trainers lead by George Solomos, the renowned founder of Hit180 Fitness.


So if you’re ready to turn it around give us a call. HIT 180 is ready for you—on-site, or in-home! Check out our personal fitness trainers near Glenview today!

Meet all of our Trainers

Our trainers here at Hit 180 Fitness have one goal: to change your life. We put our plans into action in hopes of bettering you and giving you a more positive, healthier lifestyle. To see more about our trainers and what they have to offer, click below!

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What's our specialty?

Here at Hit 180 Fitness, we like to pride ourselves in specializing in a myriad of fitness training. Personal fitness training, kids fitness and sport specific training are all under or wide umbrella of expertise. See the full list of our classes offered here.

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