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Small Group Training

Many clients find it fun and rewarding to work out with friends and family. Surrounding yourself with loved ones and people you trust creates a supportive environment for exercise and may be the key to success for some clients.

If you’re looking for group fitness training in the North Shore, Hit 180 Fitness can help you get into shape with a custom workout plan for you and your friends. Our team of personal trainers offers a wealth of professional experience in nutrition and fitness training. We can help your group develop a workout routine that fits your needs, whether you want to build muscle, lost weight, or feel healthier.

Why Participate in Group Fitness Training?

So how does private training with friends compare to one-on-one training? While one-on-one training provides a solid foundation that caters to your own body’s needs, it is fun to shake things up a bit every now and then. You can make private group sessions a weekly or monthly commitment to get fit together.

Working out with a group also gives you more motivation to exercise. The members of the group can also keep you accountable and cheer you on, even when you feel like you can’t keep going. Group sessions also create a sense of competition that can drive you to do your best and work your hardest.

The Hit 180 team of trainers uses a combination of training techniques during group training sessions that can be customized depending on the fitness goals of the people in your group. Circuit training is always popular for clients because the continuous action and variety of motions creates an exciting workout that passes quickly and offers amazing results.

At Hit 180, our goal is to make group fitness in North Shore fun! Before you start training, we’ll talk with you and your group to evaluate everyone’s fitness levels and personal goals. From there, we create a custom workout session that is fun, efficient, and challenging for the entire group.

Who Is This Best For?

Birthdays, anniversaries, or other special occasions are a great opportunity to get together with your friends and loved ones for a fun workout. Have a wedding coming up? Get your bridesmaids or groomsmen together to get fit for the special day. Private group fitness classes are also popular for corporate team building events in the North Shore. A healthy workplace is a happy workplace!

Group fitness training is also great for regular get-togethers with friends. It provides a fun activity to experience with your friends while giving you a regularly scheduled workout once a week or once a month.

About Hit 180 Fitness

Hit 180 Fitness is committed to making your experience enjoyable and effective. We make sure you are using proper technique and that you’re constantly challenged with new exercises. The locations we select are outfitted with cutting edge exercise equipment and offer a positive and supportive environment.

Grab some friends and try something new! If you have any questions, feel free to fill out our contact form or give us a call at 224-216-2086. Contact us today to schedule your free group training session for up to four people, so you can get a feel for the experience before committing.


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