Sports specific training, strength and conditioning, weight loss , youth fitness training, boxing training, group fitness training, toning.


Certified personal trainer, certified boxing coach


I have worked with all walks of life, from young athletes as early as 5yrs old learning about fitness, to the elderly fighting for their lives dealing with Parkinson’s disease, to your professionals that play in the NFL, NBA and fight professionally. So I make sure to gear every workout to the clients special needs and goals for themselves. I believe fitness is supposed to be fun and every person is different, so I approach every training session in that way by designing fun and effective workout plans.

Client Testimonials

“Ed is such an amazing person and trainer, he always comes prepared with a specfiic plan tailored toward me and my goals. I’ve come so far in reaching my goals and becoming a better, stronger person”  Catherine T.


“Ed has all the characteristics of a great trainer, he is in great shape, he is friendly, and he makes you work hard. He brings the best out of people and that is why i am so grateful to be able to train with him 3 times a week.” Paxton H.


Shoot us a quick note about your fitness goals and we’ll get you set up with the perfect program in no time.