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Class Description

Boxing Fitness is a high-intensity, group training session that combines cardio, strength and toning into a one-hour, full-body workout.

Boxing Training

Looking for a fun and exciting way to get in shape? Personal boxing training is a great way to lose weight while practicing your speed, agility and technique.

Hit 180 Fitness offers boxing training programs unique to the North Shore area. Our team of trained fitness professionals provides a combined knowledge of boxing, personal training, and sports nutrition for a workout that takes your fitness to new levels, tackling all aspects of your physical health. We tailor your workout to fit your personal needs and goals, whether you want to get lean, build muscle, or just feel better. Boxing training targets almost every muscle in your body through workouts that are both challenging and fun.

Why Take Boxing Training?

Boxing has a number of advantages. It offers a great cardiovascular workout that will melt away the fat and keep you looking lean. Boxing also involves strength training to tone your muscles without building too much bulk.

Boxing classes are structured as interval workouts designed to fluctuate your heart rate, creating more of a calorie burn than some traditional forms of exercise, like running or jogging.

Building toned muscles with specialized boxing training helps to:

  • Prevent injuries
  • Burn more calories and, by association, fat
  • Prevent bone density loss as you get older

Best of all, boxing is just plain fun. Instead of focusing on working out, boxing training allows you to focus on enjoying an activity that also happens to work you out.

Who Is It Best For?

Personal boxing lessons may be new to many people, but it’s not just for professionals. Unlike some workouts that pan out to be just fads, boxing training is a tradition in Chicago and it offers amazing results.

Boxing training is best for those looking for a full body workout that combines cardio and strength training to tone your muscles, burn fat, and increase your overall stamina and endurance. Boxing is also a great alternative exercise for those bored with standard workout routines or those who thrive on sports or activities. You may find it easier to get in shape with workouts specifically designed to improve your movement, punching, and footwork.

About Hit 180 Fitness

If you are willing to put in the time, effort, and dedication, the Hit 180 team can help you feel and look great with our North Shore boxing training! Our staff is passionate about helping clients achieve their fitness goals. We’re here to motivate you every step of the way and provide guidance on nutrition and everyday steps to good health.

Hit 180 Fitness offers a variety of work out locations outfitted with the best and latest in modern fitness equipment. You won’t have to worry about feeling intimidated or out of place either. We make sure that our personal trainers experiences state of the art spaces filled with positivity and support.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to fill out our contact form or drop us a line at 224-216-2086. If you have never tried boxing lessons in North Shore, give us a call to schedule your free session today!