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Hit 180 Fitness is located at: 193 Northfield Road (just behind Mariano’s grocery store) in Northfield, IL 60093. If you’re not familiar with Winnetka, it’s an upscale community of a about 12,000 resident located just 16 miles north of downtown Chicago, right by Hit 180 Fitness! Winnetka was ranked the wealthiest community Illinois; in fact, Winnetka is the second richest in America. Part of the larger North Shore community Winnetka has three business districts: downtown Elm Street, Hubbard Woods, and Indian Hill. In addition to elite schools (New Trier school district) some great Private beaches Winnetka is also known for its Grand Food Center market where you’ll find some of the finest produce and foods around—a central ingredient to a healthy lifestyle.


Hit 180 near Winnetka was founded by George Solomos, a man widely known as Northshore’s Most Premier Personal Trainer.™ George believes that a well-tailored fitness programs can drive a 180 degree transformation in one’s life. That’s why George and his conscientious team of certified expert trainers offer a suite of tailored training and fitness strategies for all walks of life. So there are no one-size-fits-all workouts here. Instead Hit 180 puts your first. From in-home workout sessions (if you prefer not to travel) to elite 1-on-1 training sessions on-site you can count on a workout program that keeps you and your interests front and center.


Many Hit 180 clients get major results from our tailored cardio-boxing program. Others enjoy working out with family and friends and have had amazing success in our personalized group workout programs. Others still rave our Sports Specific Training programs inspired by athletes for athletes of all levels. Hit 180 even offers Specialized Instruction Functional Training Class for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders. So no matter your needs, interests, or abilities our fitness experts near Winnetka can help you get the fitness results you desire and deserve.

Meet all of our Trainers

Our trainers here at Hit 180 Fitness have one goal: to change your life. We put our plans into action in hopes of bettering you and giving you a more positive, healthier lifestyle. To see more about our trainers and what they have to offer, click below!

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What's our specialty?

Here at Hit 180 Fitness, we like to pride ourselves in specializing in a myriad of fitness training. Personal fitness training, kids fitness and sport specific training are all under or wide umbrella of expertise. See the full list of our classes offered here.

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