kevin rasmussen





Weight loss, building muscle, athletes, circuit training, experience in all age groups, diet and supplementation


Certified personal trainer, Sports nutrition certification, Former United States Marine


“I like to get a complete understanding of all my clients specific goals and needs.  Every person has a unique goal and their training program should be as well.  With an adaptive personality, I try to creative the most comfortable and enjoyable environment and experience for each individual client.

Client Testimonials

“Like any other retired college athlete I was skeptical about using a personal trainer because I assumed I knew how to work out. I had been doing it my entire life. But hobbling to my car after just my first “ass kicking” session with Kevin proved I had a lot of work to do! His work outs are nothing short of hard but he has a innovated spin on them to keep them fun, much more so than just running countless hours on the treadmill or doing a million sit ups. The only thing stronger than his passion for improving himself and others, is his dedication. He won’t let you give up and goes the extra mile to push you to be your best you. He is the best.”

-Alexandra R

“When I met Kevin I was way over 400 lbs. This man inspired me to push me past my breaking point every time. He was one of the first trainers to ever make me feel like I was a person and not just money in their pocket. With his help and knowledge of healthy eating I was able to get down to 330 lbs. in less than a year. Not only did I gain an amazing trainer I also gained an amazing friend!!! Thanks Kevin!!!!! Please if you are looking for a trainer this is your man!!!!!”

-Harry C IV

“If anyone is looking for a trainer this is your guy.  He helped me with my diet and training.  I lost 21 lbs. of fat.  Tough thing to do while maintaining/building some muscle.  I had a 39.5 waist and now I have a 33.5 waist.  Most importantly lowered my blood pressure from 140/97 to 110/80 with no Meds. There is still much more work to do but that is why I continue going back to him.  Try it at least once you will not regret it and become addicted.  Thanks so much Kevin!”

-Hipolito G Jr

“I’ve been working with Kevin for about 5 months.  He does a great job, focuses on my goals, provides wonderful health/diet tips, paces our workouts at a level that suits me, and remains sensitive to the needs and issues of a “senior” (I’m just short of 70).  A great bet for someone looking for a trainer.”

-Jack M


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